Camping and villages: Pistoia

Pistoia, in ancient Pistorium, was born and developed in Roman times as a fortified city along the Via Cassia, and became a Roman municipality. It is also known as Catiline was killed nearby.
The city had a strong growth under the Lombards, when it was declared a royal city, but its heyday was in 1177 when it was declared a free town. Therefore it became an important point of trade with the most important centers of the time and it became also an important town thanks to the construction of the walls.
In 1556 it was included in the territories of the Florentine state. The buildings and the monuments with greater value are inside the walls. Piazza del Duomo is situated in the centre of the city, with the Dome, the Baptistery, the Bell Tower, the Palace of the Podesta and the City Hall. Pistoia, as well as being home to many industrial activities, is known for its production of plants and flowers.
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