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Verona, Italy

The most famous English playwright, William Shakespeare,  wrote about Verona but never set foot in the city. In spite of this, the name of Verona became a legend thanks to him. Romeo and Juliet, perhaps the most famous romantic tragedy in the world, is set here, in this quiet city along the banks of the Adige river, shaken by the civil wars between the two influential families, the Montagues and the Capulets.
Verona is recognized as part of the UNESCO world heritage. The Arena of Verona, with its natural resonance, is one of the best preserved Roman amphitheaters and favorite summer location for opera music.
The Roman heritage does not end with the Arena. The Gavi Arch, erected in honor of one of the most important families of Roman times, the age-old Ponte Pietra, rebuilt many times; Porta dei Leoni, close to the church of San Fermo Maggiore; the Roman theater, located at the foot of the San Pietro hill.
In communal times other monuments were added to this scenario, still intact to this day: the basilica of San Zeno and the churches of San Lorenzo and San Fermo Maggiore. It is the period of the Scaligeri, that govern and expand the power of the city. Protected by forts and safeguarded by the fortified Scaligero bridge and by theCastelvecchio, life in Verona flows, like in other Italian cities, amongst squares, between piazza Brà and piazza delle Erbe. In the summertime the lights of the events held in the Arena and Roman theater shine bright whilst in the winter Christmas lights turn on and the people of Verona celebrate it with their favorite dessert, the Pandoro.


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Download Guide Verona:
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