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Siena, Italy

A wonderful city that is the home of some of the most precious medieval art and architectural treasures. Siena offers a never-ending number of cultural sights and interests for travelers: the unique "Palio" and wine tasting in the old wine bars, romantic walks along the narrow alleys and excursions outside the city in the Siena Chianti area and in Val'Orcia.

The Siena Chianti area is full of pretty landscapes, gentle hills where vines and olive trees grow, and there are centuries-old oak woods and charming Medieval villages. In addition to the wonders of Nature and the historical and cultural places of interest in Chianti, there is also the chance to discover the real tastes of this area, such as the famous Chianti wine, the tasty cinta senese and the strong sheep’s cheeses produced in the Siena Crete.

One of the most typical products in this area are cold cuts such as soppressata, finocchiona and capocolli, in addition to other specialties made from wild boar meat. The area is also famous for cheeses such as cacio pecorino, from the Siena clay lands and marzolino.

Extra-virgin olive oil is also a typical product of the Siena hills: This oil, with its unmistakable fruity aroma, is produced using the olives that grow in the Chianti countryside. It is used in all traditional Siena dishes, especially crude so that its particular taste can be noted.


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Download Guide Siena:
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