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Florence, Italy

Famous throughout the world, heart of the Renaissance, home to fine art and literature, the corners of Florence preserve some of the most beautiful examples of Italian and Western culture such as Michelangelo's David, Brunelleschi's spectacular dome and the ancient Ponte Vecchio.

Visiting Florence means being engrossed by the rooms at the Pitti Palace and Uffizi Gallery on an extraordinary journey through the works of Raffaello, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Caravaggio and many others. Florence is also the birthplace of Dante Alighieri and the canvas where peerless artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci expressed their genius.

Surrounded by green hills and bathed by the Arno river, Florence is a gem set in the center of Italy, top destination for those who love art, culture and fine dining.  Just a few miles away, Chianti offers the unmistakable flavor of its local products and the alluring aroma of its wines.


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Download Guide Florence:
PDF to print and bind

APT (Local Tourist Office) Via Manzoni, 16 Florence
Tel. +39 055 23320 Fax +39 055 2346286 E-mail info@firenzeturismo.it
Opening hours Monday/Friday:  9.00/13.00

Office Via Cavour 1 red, Florence
Tel. +39 055 290832/ +39 055 290833 Fax +39 055 2760383 E-mail info@firenzeturismo.it
Opening hours Monday/Saturday: 8:30/18:30 Sundays and holidays: 8.30/13.30

“Amerigo Vespucci” Airport Via del Termine, 1 Peretola Florence
Arrivals Area
Telephone and fax +39  055 315874 E-mail infoaeroporto@aeroporto.firenze.it
Opening hours, daily: 8.30/20.30

COMUNE Piazza Stazione, 4/a Florence
Tel. +39 055 212245 Fax +39 055 2381226 E-mail turismo3@comune.fi.it
Opening hours: Monday/Saturday: 8:30/19:00 Sundays and holidays: 8.30/14.00
Borgo Santa Croce 29r, Florence
Tel. +39 055 2340444 Fax +39 055 2264524 E-mail turismo2@comune.fi.it
Summer schedule (March-November) Monday/Saturday 9:00-19:00 Sundays and holidays: 9.00-14.00
 Winter schedule (second week of November/end of February) Monday/Saturday: 09:00/17:00 Sundays and holidays: 9.00-14.00


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