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Guide of Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

Author: Fiör

Trentino Alto Adige, Italy

Because of its geographic position between northern Europe and the Mediterranean, Trentino Alto Adige has always been a bridge between the Latin and the Germanic world.

Its mountains have been cut by glaciers into several deep, broad valleys, many of which face south remaining warm and sunny, even in winter. Water, wind and ice have sculptured the rocks over thousands of years to produce the present impressive line of peaks (many over 3 thousand metres), pinnacles and spires.

In winter, Val Gardena is like a ski carousel along kms of downhill runs, served by modern ski lifts and with groomed pistes for all abilities covered with snow. 

The summer awakes visitors with memories of history, regenerates them with the health of water, air and beautiful surroundings.

Among the many monuments the Castles are the most impressive. Populations and military troops alike have repeatedly crossed through these valleys in the centuries, and the signs of these migrations have remained. Arrogant noblemen and powerful princes have written their name for eternity in the stones of their manor-fortresses.

(Contents courtesy of: ENIT, National Italian Tourist Board)


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