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Turin Bookstores And Libraries, Italy

Contemporaries such as Giulio Einaudi, Leone and Natalia Ginzburg, Cesare Pavese, Norberto Bobbio and Guido Gozzano, in addition to the establishment of some of the leading Italian publishing houses such as Einaudi, highly contributed to Turin's prestigious literary standings.
Loved by Rousseau and Nietzsche, famous for the sites patronized by the most illustrious intellectuals, more and more people appreciate Turin for its cultural vivacity and educational opportunities, like the Holden School (Corso Dante 118,, dedicated to fiction, the National Film School and the TorinoFilmLab (Via Cagliari 42,, that organizes highly specialized workshops on screenplays for an international public.

Turin is home to the world famous literature cafés, but especially to extraordinary cultural and social associations. Of note are the Circolo dei Lettori (, located in via Bogino 9, in one of Turin's historic buildings, which organizes readings and performances focusing on culture and sharing.

There are many and diversified bookstores in Turin: from international ones like Hellas in via Bertola 6/e or Luxemburg, with a British flair, in via Battisti 7, to those specialized in Piedmont publications, like Piemonte Libri, and famous chains like the modern Feltrinelli in Piazza Castello 19. Moreover, from the Massena 28 book store, near the Porta Nuova station, dedicated to travel books, to those for book lovers like Mood in via Cesare Battisti 3, where you can sip on wine or coffee while reading, to the well-stocked comic book stores like 901 Comic Resort, in via Dante Di Nanni 49.

If you're looking for an alternative to best sellers, Turin has independent bookstores dedicated to small publishing houses, "slow book" activities (see, for example, antique bookstores like Il Cartiglio in via Po 32/d, specialized in photographic publications like Agorà in Via Santa Croce o/E, and those definitely unconventional like Circolo Pueblo in Corso Palestro 3 or Diwan Café in via Giuseppe Battisti 15/c, an enjoyable wine cellar bookstore.

Turin's Royal Library, in Piazza Castello, is also worth a visit. Founded by Charles Albert of Savoy, it houses about 200,000 volumes of historic heritage and many other objects including a precious self portrait by Leonardo da Vinci. Various exhibits and cultural events are held here.


For those looking for a deal or sudden inspiration: if you happen to be shopping on the bustling Via Po and pass under the university porticoes, you won't have a hard time finding something interesting at the used book stands.


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