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Lombardy, Italy

Lying between the Alps and the River Po, Lombardy is the wealthiest and most industrially developed of all the regions of Italy. It is also the most densely populated. For this reason, it is one of the most surprising destinations of any tourist. Most people don't expect to find such an extraordinary cultural, artistic and natural heritage. From the cities of art to the small villages, from the unmistakable atmosphere of the lakes to the impressive Alpine valleys, not to mention the vast variety of food and wine on offer, all of which surprise and fascinate visitors. Besides its main city, Milan, Lombardy is full of cities of art and small villages that attract tourists inside their walls from all around the world.

Milan is the Italian economic and financial engine and the city that dictates trends in Italy, from technological innovation to design, fashion or lifestyles. Milan is also one of the most important cultural centers in Italy with a first-class artistic and architectural heritage.

Como, the cradle of Romanesque art in Lombardy, is the gateway to surrounding villages and the splendid villas around this magical lake.

Bergamo is one of the most picturesque areas of Lombardy, famous for its subdivision on two levels: the spacious and modern lower part of the city and the famous upper town "Città Alta", a real historic and artistic gem which owes its splendor to its age-old Venetian buildings.

Brescia is an ancient Longobard dukedom that offers a rich cultural heritage dating from Roman times to present day. The city also hosts highly important art exhibitions.

The banks of the River Po host a fascinating itinerary of cities along the Padana plain. Mantova is an agricultural city full of charm with three small lakes from the Mincio River. Tourists have always been bewitched by its squares, buildings and extraordinary artistic treasures that date back to the reign of the Gonzaga dukes.

Cremona, home to the maker of Stradivari violins and gourmet city par excellence, hosts one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe and the highest bell-tower in Italy. Lodi, at the heart of an agricultural area full of rivers and ancient castles, is a small and charming medieval city with red brick buildings and cobbled streets.

Pavia, the ancient Longobard capital, is renowned for its Renaissance charterhouse, Romanesque churches and covered bridge. Lastly, Vigevano is a small architectural gem that owes its charm to the creative genius Bramante.



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