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Brescia, Italy

Brescia, called “the lioness of Italy,” is a dynamic, hardworking city whose inhabitants are famous for their tenacity and dedication to work.

The city is also able to display a rich heritage of history and art, which spans from prehistoric times to the present. Tourists will be fascinated by the atmosphere created by its airy piazzas and picturesque lanes, its fountains and aristocratic residences, the intimacy of its cloisters and the art treasures waiting to be discovered in its churches and museums.

Brescia is located half-way between Milan and Venice; it is well serviced by highways and trains, making it quickly accessible from all northern Italian cities.

For all wine lovers, the Brescia area offers the famous wines of Franciacorta, an area south of Lake Iseo: whites, rosés and reds, or a prestigious sparkling wine. Franciacorta DOCG is the most prized Italian sparkling wine, produced from Chardonnay and/or Pinot nero and/or Pinot bianco grapes. The characteristics of Franciacorta wines are: fine, persistent perlage; deep straw yellow color with greenish highlights; a mellow, but decisive, scent of yeast accompanied by delicate hints of dried fruit and cloves; pleasantly flavorful and fresh in the mouth.


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Download Guide Brescia:
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