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Guide of Ischia - Ischia Island - Flegrean Islands, Italy

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Ischia - Ischia Island - Flegrean Islands Places And Charm, Italy

From Mount Epomeo to the thermal spas: Ischia is full of nature oases...

The "Fungo" (mushroom rock) at Lacco Ameno
In the thermal spa resort of Lacco Ameno, which is the smallest one on the island, there is an interesting geological phenomenon that is joined to the mainland by a narrow strip of land. It is a block of tufa rock 10 meters high that has taken on the shape of a mushroom through years and years of being eroded away by the water that laps against it.

The Botanical Park in the Mortella Gardens
This wonderful park is located at Forio d’Ischia and was originally the property of the English composer William Walton, who lived in the Villa next door with his wife. When the composer arrived on the island in 1946, he immediately called a botanical expert from England to lay out the garden, planting wonderful tropical and Mediterranean plants, some of which have now reached amazing proportions.

Faiano Pine Forest
The island’s largest pine forest is located in the borough of Barano, an ideal place for an afternoon trip amidst nature. This fresh, regenerating oasis allows you to walk in the shade of the pine trees, the chestnut trees and oak trees that are interspersed with the characteristic Mediterranean perfumed trees and masses of lava rock that make the whole scene a magical, mysterious one.

Mount Epomeo
This is the island’s highest mountain. It was once an active volcano, that shook quiet Ischia life several times with its violent eruptions. Luxurious vines and fruit trees now grow on its fertile soil. If you want to climb Epomeo, you can go up to a certain point in your car on an asphalt road, and then continue on foot for about 3 km. You will realize it was worth it when you reach the top: The view is amazing and you can see the church of San Nicola built into the mountain’s green tufa rock as well as the panorama spread out before you.


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Download Guide Ischia - Ischia Island - Flegrean Islands:
PDF to print and bind


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