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Naples, Italy

Nozio Naples city guide is here to let you can feel the magic sensations of Naples. You will find lots of useful information about life and culture in Naples: history, art, food and drink, shopping, events, itineraries. Historical shops and coffee shops, restaurants and hotels in Naples.

Getting to know Naples also means tasting its wonderful delicacies, being attracted by the strong tastes of the city’s cuisine. These tastes are the result of “contamination” by other cultures: over the centuries, the Arabs, Normans, Spanish and French all ruled the city, each contributing to the city’s gastronomic culture. The result is a unique type of cooking that continues to be halfway between refined and popular folk style, in which the local produce of this fertile area is prepared using elaborate recipes that often take a long time to prepare.

Neapolitan cooking is particularly well-known worldwide for pizza, a dish that we have dedicated our virtual itinerary to, but also for its tasty, imaginative recipes such as the sauces used for pasta, and their fish dishes and desserts.

In Naples coffee is a ritual you just cannot miss out on. It was once made with the traditional Neapolitan coffee-maker made famous by Edoardo De Filippo and Totò.


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