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Guide of Lecce and Salento, Italy

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Lecce And Salento, Italy

Sun, sea and wind. These are the key elements of the Salento, the extreme southeast extension of Italy, a land bathed by two seas, the Ionian and the Adriatic. The coast, one of the most beautiful of Italy, is alternately long sandy beaches and tracts of breathtaking sea cliffs, green pine forests and marine grottoes, while the countrysides show all the thousand year old charm of farm traditions: expanses of olive groves as far as you can see, studded with rural architecture in the most surprising forms.

In the heart of this land lies Lecce, the "Florence of the south:” splendid monuments and a baroque atmosphere never expressed more exuberantly elsewhere.

Not only in Lecce. In all the Salento, the cities and the towns bear the traces of the ancient Messapi, and even more Byzantine ruins, Swevian castles, medieval towers and a thousand baroque marvels, while the 10 municipalities of Grecìa maintain the language, the songs and the ancient culture of Magna Grecia.


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