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Apulia Places And Charm, Italy

Puglia, with its 800 km of coastline, is a true paradise for lovers of the sea. The coasts of the Adriatic sea are usually rocky, separated by inlets of white sand, while wide sandy beaches await you on the coasts of the Ionic.

Gargano: to the north of Puglia lies Gargano, a massive karst straddling the sea and the plains, with white cliffs rising up out of a spectacular sea. Gargano is completely covered by a beautiful mantle of green, and from its center extends the lush Umbra Forest. The National Park of Gargano was established in 1991 to protect this environmental treasure.
Off the coast of Gargano lies the Archipelago of Tremiti, three islands that offer tourists a pristine environment -- indeed, a backdrop for dreams.

Murge: in the province of Bari we find the high plains of the Murge, a fascinating, scarcely habitable territory of vast plains and rough, severe landscapes. The National Park of Alta Murgia is being created to protect and preserve this unique landscape. The karst terrain of the Murge is the birthplace of canyons, grottos, and dolinas: the most famous are the Castellana Caves, open every year to visitors.

Salento: this peninsula, extending southeast between the Ionic and Adriatic, contains landscapes considered to be among the most beautiful in Italy.

On the coast of the Adriatic sea, still free from excessive tourism, the visitor is rewarded with breathtaking scenery: cliffs overhanging the ocean, marine grottos and hidden inlets where one can enjoy the beauty of the sea. Descending from Lecce, we find gorgeous locales such as the Orso Tower, Otranto, Santa Cesarea, Castro, and on the extreme point of Salento, Marina di Leuca.

On the Ionic sea, the coast is lower, and has sandy sections, but allows some lovely views of the Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio. Here the coast is denser with beach concessions and developments, sometimes to the point of chaotic overcrowding. The areas with best tourist facilities are Torre San Giovanni, Gallipoli and Porto Cesareo.


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